The Idea

OUT is a mobile application which enables you to be linked to your friends and alert them while going OUT.

OUT’s main feature is to be able to access menus from bars and nightclubs through your smartphone in an instant without any additional cost.

With OUT :

  • Order from your favorites bars within seconds
  • Gain access to your favorites bars’ events and promotions
  • Use the map to find out where your friends are currently going out without having to text them
  • Meet others users in the same bar as you
  • Challenge your friends by obtaining OUT’s badges

Business Advantages

Lower the awaiting time of your customers in your bar/nightclub.

Increase your reactivity by upload your menu through the app to enable customers to order and pay easily.

Boost your average number of customers by sharing events and promotions in your bar/Nightclub.

Keep in touch with your customers by notifying them of what is going on in your bar/ nightclub.




Unlock the OUT badges 

Challenge your friends and win the OUT badges based on your nights out


Chat with your friends one on one or through group chats on the app to see what they are up to


The Map 

Get to see where are your friends going out and let’s meet them

Discover the best bars 

Scroll the map to see the best bars around you

Meet new Outers 

Meet the users via the app when they are in the same bar as you

Buy your friends a drink

No matter where you are on earth, buy your friends a drink when they are at a bar.

See what is going on around you

Get to see the events and new bars around you.

Share with your friends

Let your friends know when you are OUT.


Digital Menu

Scroll through your phone to see the bars’ menus

Order in a click

Order & Pay by a simple click on your phone


Would you like more information on becoming an OUT bar ?
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