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OUT is a mobile application that lets you connect with your network of friends by keeping them informed of your outings.

OUT is a social network that highlights several features to enable its users to go out, share and have fun.


The OUT map

Thanks to the map, users can see all the bars around them. They can also find out in real time how busy the establishment is, what's happening there or how popular certain Outers are.

The feed

In the feed, Outers can follow the activity of their friends, be informed of events around them and interact with other Outers.

Pay for a drink remotely

With this function, users can buy a drink for another Outer from anywhere at any time: an ideal way to strengthen ties or meet new people.

The OUT map

On OUT, you can view the profiles of other Outers in the bar, add them as friends and chat in the messaging system. The profile is designed to help you make friends with Outers in a matter of seconds.

Fast ordering

You can order from all OUT partner bars directly via your smartphone, in just one click. No more endless queues or credit card receipts. With Stripe as your payment solution, OUT guarantees fast, ultra-secure.

The shaker

OUT has set up a cashback solution that lets you earn up to €80 when you order in a partner bar.

High-performance messaging

OUT offers a high-performance messaging system designed to enhance interaction between Outers. The app features exclusive functions to preserve the confidentiality of discussions.


With the "Ranking" function, you can instantly compare the prices of your favorite drinks in the establishments around you, and gauge how busy they are.


With OUT ticketing, pick up your tickets for your favorite events in just a few clicks, directly in the app.


Challenge your friends to win OUT badges. So which of them will be the most generous? The biggest party-goer? The most courted?



This feature is designed to raise awareness of alcohol consumption. The breathalyzer is activated once the user has ordered a certain number of drinks.

Web app


Would you like to order without worrying about social functions? Our Web app is just the thing for you: you can order your favorite beverages in just one click, without having to download the application.

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